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Deceitfully larger on the inside than on the outside, Cogg and Bell's were first established in the 1800's as one of the first Clock Makers in Wizarding England. The outside of the shop is cream with burgundy edging around the large display windows and the frame of the ornately carved mahogany door, with black sconces on either side for the lamps to be lit at night. The sign above the shop is gold script writing which looks a little aged now especially compared with some of the other business' nearby. Inside, one may find that the only other windows are situated at the very top of the walls, and old fashioned lights hang down to cast a warm welcoming glow around the admittedly huge showroom. Cabinets, shelves, floor and wall displays... there isn't much room in this shop for much else than the space set aside to keep ease of access when navigating the shop. A small seating area can be found near the till for those inclined to buy so the sale is with full disclosure and insurance against theft, breakages and the like.
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