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Every dorm room is equipped with a centrally-located stove and each student gets their own four poster bed, flanked by a set of windows and space for storing personal belongings. Each year gets their own dormitories, and adjoining bathroom. All of those boards will be located here! Please post appropriately -- remember that boys can't get into girls' dormitories, but girls can get into boys'.
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Gryffindor Tower is located behind the portrait of the Fat Lady, and the common room is a circular room great for relaxing after a long day. Filled with squashy armchairs, tables, and a bulletin board, there is also windows looking out at the grounds, and a large fireplace filling one wall. Dormitories are through two different doors, and up a set of spiral stairs.

Only Gryffindors can post in this board! If you have a plot that requires it or a reason to know the password, PM staff to get approval beforehand! Anyone else who does will be getting a PM from staff!
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