McCarthy Dragon Reserve
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The McCarthy Dragon Reserve has been in the McCarthy family for generations — and is the most renowned dragon reserve in the United Kingdom. They work hand in hand with Lig-na-Paiste Institute of Dragons on a regular basis, as it is located nearby Wisher’s Isle, on an island of its own. There is no way to get to the island by land, unless you’re planning on swimming through the cold Irish waters. The island houses numerous breeds of dragons, some that are there all of the time, and others that are on the mend before they can go back to another dragon reserve.
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Sciathánacha Aviary and Stables
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A thriving and well-known center, Sciathánacha is as Irish as it can get. Ogham records of magical families in the area provide evidence that well-trained birds under the care of a family could be traded for. As knowledge grew, so too did the reach of the raptors' reputations. Sciathánacha owls flew swift and true to destinations, hawks, kites, eagles and falcons brought down prey quickly. Within the last five centuries Sciathánacha has also been known for the care and breeding of winged horses and hippogriffs, providing mounts of beauty, breeding, and showmanship to those who could afford to pay.
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Everywhere else in the country, that isn't one of the four listed cities can go here!
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