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Located in Gretna Green. Once a falling-down English house of dubious style, the home has been restored by both wand and hand. Surrounded by an overgrown field, gnarled trees, and located what the co-directors call "worryingly near the sea", Domun Agápe is also not what many could call pristine, helped by the fact that past fifteen years, it's been overcrowded with magical children. Rooms and halls inside are expanded to allow more room and beds. While not precisely underfunded, it's more or less a non-profit-- any money earned usually goes into upkeep or ways to fix up the place. People who have lived at Domun Agápe for parts or their whole life often call it "cozy, crowded, warm, and bright", and view the others there as family.
The pay, incidentally, is near-shit, as much more can't be afforded. Shifts are doubles-- two people on for eight hours of the day, replaced by another shift of two every other day. The night shift is always covered by the directors.
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JC Ales and Spirits
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This brewery and distillery is entirely family owned and operated. It appears rather quaint on the outside, cottage sized, but once you enter, you will be welcomed with the wonderful sight of distillation apparatuses and massive brewery tanks. The brewery and distillery are on opposite sides of the main floor, with a long entrance hallway dividing them. This hallway leads to a set of stairs, where visitors and employees can find the research labs (hunting down the next best flavour), the owner’s office, and a spacious room filled with desks and cubicles for the rest of the employees, as well as a break area. That being said, most people spend their time here on their feet and working. Juliette runs a tight ship.
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Everywhere else in the country, that isn't one of the four listed cities can go here!
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