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Through the centuries as demand for Ollivanders wands grew, the wandmakers would often work late, or choose to stay at the shop, should inspiration hit during the night. Rather than endlessly travelling back and forth, the solution was found to build further upwards and make room for the main wandmakers to stay at nights, should they wish to stay at the store for a handful of nights. The rooms are small, somewhat cramped, and dark, but there's rarely been an Ollivander who worked in the shop who has not spent long periods of time sleeping there.

The first room is for the owner and features a wide bed (in the case of a spouse) and a desk near the window. The other room is for apprentices or children, and holds two narrow beds and two desks angled to catch the most light. Small closets hold enough for a few day's worth of robes and a sturdy pair of boots.

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A wand is more than just a fancy stick to wave about mindlessly. The wand chooses him who it believes will partner them with the greatest success. Ollivander's is just the shop that is needed to pair up such fantastic partnerships. Ranked as the finest wandmakers in Europe, step inside the narrow shop, filled with boxes of wands, ready to choose their mate. With a layer of dust covering the entire place, if one is lucky and careful, they will only need to purchase one wand in their lifetime.
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