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It's an observatory, really. A deceptively modern-looking cluster (6) of glass domes the size of huts ringed around a larger dome the size of several houses, it's located far into the outskirts of Ottery St. Catchpole. There is a large fence all around it, complete with wards and all, and a reception building at the only entrance. Through underground passages one can go into the different domes. The largest is kept for presentation and research purposes, thus for tours and for astronomers who have special investigations to do. The smaller domes can be rented out privately -trips for the kids or academic researchers- but they are always accompanied by one of the observatory's caretakers. The domes themselves are made of unbreakable glass, and enchanted to serve the same purpose as a telescope lens. The management and directing of the dome is a complicated affair, and damage to its magic can be done easily. It is therefore advised to not touch anything without a caretaker or staff's presence. The reception building has the management offices, a small café, and several offices for the academic staff and tour guides.
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