Toadstool Books

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A children's bookstore that sells both new and secondhand books. Bright bookshelves line the sides of the store, and handfuls of simple toys, figurines, and crystals can be purchased to sell as gifts. A half-hidden room is modeled after a bank vault, and a placard next to it states the store used to be a bank, and the room the vault. Inside it is a reading area, as well as books for young adults. The store has a name for whimsy, as shown by the fact that some of the workers and customers often turn up in robes. Sometimes, oddly enough, the books on shelves can't be found in any other bookstore, and tell folktales no one else has ever heard of, for all that they sell out very quickly.

Hanging outside of the store is a wooden sign with a cheerily painted toadstool, and some type of creature on it, eagerly paging through a book. Questions to the employees about what sort of tale it's supposed to be from is either met with confusion and uncertainty, or answers that seem almost impossible.
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