Cáishén De Jiā

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The casino is a grand four storey building of white stone and red timber, in traditional fashion, in a magic only area of the city. Golden light constantly bathes it due to the floating candle lanterns that illuminate the paths and the decoration. The lavish front is decorated by constantly blooming Camellias, Chinese roses, and Orchids with beautiful moving statues between them. On the gravel path there is a fountain, containing miniature Chinese dragons flying in an orb from where the water sprouts.

The inside of the casino is divided between the eating and lounging area and the gambling area. The food is served on the upper two floors, one of which has an open plan of tables and the bar, and the upmost one is divided solely into private dining rooms. The communal area is warmly lit, with flowers and plants sprouting around and magical insects such as dragonflies and butterflies roam the airs. They are made of sugar, much like the koi fish in the fountains and stream that twists its way through the area. The water is decorated also with water plants and flowers. The private rooms are decorated in much the same way and tables on the balconies are also available.

The playing floors are designed to be both functional and elegant. The games offered are Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Fan-Tan, Pai Gow, Sic bo, Craps, Baccarat, Faro, and Trente et Quarante. The architecture with its marble floors and dark wood and golden details provide a relaxed ambiance that puts the players at ease. All employees, be they table dealers, bartenders, or waiters, wear the same pale golden, traditional Chinese robes, blending in with the flowers, statues, and other decorations seamlessly.

The casino is a lavish but tasteful place that only opens its doors at night, but during the day the gardens are open for luncheons and tea services.
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