London's Wizarding Wireless Station

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Founded in 2006, this establishment started off as a satellite station in the three bedrooms apartment of now the owner Mallory Sauve. The four-story building was bought by the station in 2012 and turned into a fully functioning station. The building keeps its original exterior to continue to pose as another apartment building. All employees are supplied with a key to get through the front door. Guests and other visitors are instructed to press the doorbell labeled “Suave” to be connected to the Receptionist who will ask "How much does a ticket cost if it includes hot chocolate?". They can only answer with the answer of "14 sickles" for the door to be unlocked. Upon entering the building you will be greeted by the receptionist. To get to the researcher's office and breakroom head right past the front desk. All other offices and the two meeting rooms can be found on the next floor. The General Manager's office is in the very back. The top two floors are dedicated to recording rooms for each of the shows on the station along with green rooms for the occasional guest. The Owner's office is located on the top floor.
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