Peverell Children's Academy

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Named for the infamous Peverell brothers, this Primary school accepts students starting at the age of 4 into their Reception Room. (For those of you here in America, that’s Pre-K.) While this isn’t the only wixen Primary School in England, it is by far the most popular. Most children that eventually find themselves in Hogwarts halls, start out here.

Located just outside of London, the grounds offer extensive room for outdoor activities, and are often the site of parties, and fairs in the spring and early autumn months.

The school year runs, like Hogwarts, from September to June, and students must be 4 years old, by September the first, to start at Peverell Academy. Enrollment in Peverell Academy is not subject to having magic, so long as you come from a magical family. Though there is a magical elective offered to upper levels. However, seeing as no magic is performed in class, those individuals that find themselves to be without magic (i.e. squibs), and those of veela descent will still find themselves engaged in the class.
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