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Astolfi Aether (Pron; Ai-Stolf-Fee Ee-ther), more commonly referred to as AA Brooms, were established in 1734, taking their monicker from the famous player Silvio Astolfi who aided in its creation. Founded by Fridolph Schell and Dalva Acciai (Née Kvothe), this company is a large contributor to the mounts for players in the leagues and national teams, and takes great pride in how and where they source their materials and staff to create the greatest pieces of worksmanship to have been produced between Scottish and Italian collaboration. They are renowned for pushing the boundaries on what makes a broom and how one thinks of one, daring to delve into yet uncharted waters to include larger demographics in their work, to provide everyone with a broom made right for them. Large creations are saved for Flight Festivals which take part every five to ten years, but also take on commissions and projects plans from outside investors.

Keep an eye out for their marketing gimmicks, since they bring in celebrities for certain projects and use their play style for specific models.

Welcome to Astolfi Aether, where the sky really is the limit.
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