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The Slytherin dormitories are located under the lake, so it’s possible to hear the water lapping against the windows during the night. Their four-posters have green silk hangings, and light comes from the silver lanterns on the ceilings. Each year gets their own dormitories, and adjoining bathroom. Every thread for any boy's dormitory can be posted here! Please post appropriately -- remember that boys can't get into girls' dormitories, but girls can get into boys'.
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This Common Room is the home to all Slytherin students, young and old, but it is only accessible through the use of a password. Located behind a stone wall in the dungeons, it opens up to passage that leads to the common room.

As this is located in the dungeons, it is a dungeon-like room with green lamps and chairs. It extends partially underneath the lake, allowing the light in the room to be slightly green. This room has many low-backed black and dark green leather sofas, skulls, and dark wooded cupboards. It is quite the grand room, but not exactly friendly or welcoming. There is a noticeboard that contains the password as well as tapestries decorating the room with famous Medieval Slytherins.

Only Slytherins can post in this board! If you have a plot that requires it or a reason to know the password, PM staff to get approval beforehand! Anyone else who does will be getting a PM from staff!
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