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The Hufflepuff dormitories have four-poster beds that are covered in patchwork quilts, and the rooms are lit by copper lamps hanging on the ceilings. There are also bed warmers on the wall, which warms the floor. Each year gets their own dormitories, and adjoining bathroom. All of those boards will be located here! Please post appropriately -- remember that boys can't get into girls' dormitories, but girls can get into boys'.
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Are in need of a dark, gloomy place to sit in one's sorrows? This is most certainly the wrong place for that nonsense. One can expect a warm and friendly greeting, much laughter and happiness, before they even come across a live, human being. Bright yellow and fat arm chairs can be found in the room as well as small underground tunnels leading to the dormitories, with perfectly round doors. The entrance to this common room can be found behind a stack of barrels and can only be entered through tapping the barrels in a certain order.

Only Hufflepuffs can post in this board! If you have a plot that requires it or a reason to know the password, PM staff to get approval beforehand! Anyone else who does will be getting a PM from staff!
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