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This office is located on the seventh floor of a red brick building in the center of London. The entrance to the seventh floor can only be accessed by the eighth floor and the eighth floor does not exist to anyone who isn't employed or approved by the Witch Weekly security. Upon entrance, one will first enter large mahogany doors with intricate design, the sign reading 'Witch Weekly' in impressive lettering. Stepping inside, there is a large office for the Editor of the magazine to the left, followed by a copy room. To the right, there is a lovely lunch room attached to a hallway that leads to the dark room for photographs. Directly next to the dark room is the dressing room of the magazine's very own, lovely, model, the epitome of a woman. In the center of the floor are spacious cubicles for the many writers of the magazine. The first portrait that one will see is one of Tobias Misslethorpe, founder of this remarkable piece of work, a copy of the first magazine printed to be found just below his portrait for all to read. The walls are lined with portraits of models and other women that uphold themselves with honor and dignity.

Please note that smuggling any other magazines within these walls will result in the individual suffering uncomfortable sores for the next week, thank you.
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