Prefects' Common Room

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This room is guarded by a portrait of the very first Head Boy and Head Girl that Hogwarts ever had. The password to the common room changes every week for protection. Upon entering, the students are brought down a hall filled with portraits until they reach a fork. The hallway to the left leads to what is known to be the quiet study.

The quiet study is a circular room with a warm fireplace across the way; there are couches, armchairs, giant bookcases, two long, rectangular tables with chairs, and a secret passage behind a small mirror that can only be used by prefects. It is enchanted to only be seen by those that are prefects and once the left side of it is rubbed, the wall moves to reveal an entrance to a dark passage. This passage leads straight to the basement of Zonko's. The trick is, it is a one-way passage. Students may leave the castle and go to Hogsmeade, but they may not return. At the end of the passage, they will see a wall that they must walk through, similar to Platform 9 3/4. The passage was built in case of emergency.

The hallway to the right leads to a brighter, more welcoming area. It is decorated in all four colors, promoting house unity and it is filled with various knick knacks that previous prefects and Heads left behind. Walls are decorated with decoration ideas that have been chosen for previous school parties and events, giving the new prefects and Heads a suggestion or two. This room is meant for more of the chatter than the other. Also in this room, is a similar secret mirror except that the passage leads to right outside of the Headmistress' office, allowing students to arrive there quickly in case of an emergency. This room also leads to the prefect's bathroom.

Only prefects can post in this board! If you have a plot that requires it or a reason to know the password, PM staff to get approval beforehand! Anyone else who does will be getting a PM from staff!
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