Twilight Turret

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A small circular tower found near Ravenclaw common room that serves as a study retreat filled with plush leather seating, desks and of course many, many books. Shelves line the walls with copies of all the most popular books from the library and climb the walls to the ceiling, accessible by towering ladders which can reach the highest shelves. The decor is rustic with a roaring fireplace dominating the back wall and a bear skin rug covering the old wooden flooring in the center of the room. There is enough space in this room to comfortably take twenty or so students who want to study late into the night.

The special thing about this room is that it can only be found at midnight in the corridor outside. The door reveals itself as the clock strikes twelve and remains there for a minute until it vanishes again. Students who enter the room experience an extra hour of study time as this turret exists outside of the Hogwarts timezone. It is most popular with the students in upper years who are working late into the night and need all the extra revision time that can get. Although it is favored mostly by Ravenclaw students for it's accessibility the room is available to anyone who wishes to use it. Many students will work in their common room and then get to the Twilight Turret to bag themselves an extra hour of time before returning to their common rooms to finish their all nighter, although the room can serve many purposes other than simply studying.
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