Scryers' Balcony

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In the West Wing of Hogwarts is a large square room lying behind a huge wooden door. Inside, a balcony runs around the edges close to the walls which overlooks the middle of the room. Whenever you look down from the balcony, a random room of Hogwarts is available to view from a birdseye perspective, as if the balcony was hovering just above it. When watching from the balcony you are completely undetectable. which makes this room the perfect place to spy on others within the castle walls. Unfortunately the rooms visible from the balcony cycle between each other in a random pattern and of course staff rooms have been enchanted to be unscryable from the balcony. Students who like gossip often linger in this room and peer over the balcony to watch the potions classroom, the kitchens, the hufflepuff common room; whichever room is visible at the time.

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