Gryffindor's Armory

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Everyone knows about the Hogwart's Armory, but few if any know of the existence of Godric Gryffindor's personal collection of weaponry. The blade known as 'Gryffindor's Sword' is simply Gryffindor's most favored weapon. Located several stories below Gryffindor Tower, only accessed by password and a wand movement against the back wall inside a broom closet, there lies a deserted room. In this room one can find Godric's various and extensive collection of personal weaponry. Each item made to his specifications, their former shine has been dulled by age and dust. There are battle axes in every size hanging on one wall, a mace and swords of every sort are hung on the opposing wall. Perpendicular to the swords is a wall covered in shields of varying sizes and styles, each emblazoned with the Gryffindor crest. Daggers of every size and style lay in their scabbards on a table next to an array of throwing stars. Long and short-bows stand unstrung against the wall next to three quivers of arrows. Each piece appears to have been exquisitely made, though time has long since warped the wood. It stands deserted, untouched since the time of its owner.

Only Gryffindors can post in this board! If you have a plot that requires it or a reason to know the password, PM staff to get approval beforehand! Anyone else who does will be getting a PM from staff!
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