Rowena's Cell

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A small stone room, square in shape and sparsely decorated except for four wooden stools around a small wooden table in the centre. A simple cloth sigil from each house adorns each of the four walls, along with a small chandelier of candles which hangs from the ceiling above the table, burning a rusty orange colour.

Located near the Headmistress’ office, the room was crafted by Rowena Ravenclaw herself, initially as a place to hold debates between the four founding members but later as a place in which the group could confide with each other without barriers. In this room, lies cannot be told. It was a place where the founders were able to trust each other implicitly in times of great need – emergencies which called for quick decisions or a time to plot in the event of war. With each founder having different agendas and Salazar in particular having a habit of lying to others, Rowena decided that Hogwarts needed a truth room which removed all chance of secrecy. Whilst the room does not force a person to speak a truth, it does refuse them the ability to lie – if one tried to speak something untrue they would find themselves unable to say it. Of course, Salazar quickly figured out how to talk in half-truths; how to speak in facts that were not necessarily what the question asked yet remained honest and accurate nonetheless. There is little the room can do to conceal misdirection, avoidance of truth and the careful manipulation of fact after all. He also discovered that Occlumency could be used in this room to negate Rowena’s enchantment and so the room became an imperfect tool for lie detection and became disused. Hufflepuffs like to use it as a place to affirm one another’s loyalty, Gryfindors use it to interrogate bullies and Ravenclaws have had an uneasy alliance with Slytherins to use it to talk truthfully on any plots or schemes they want to develop in private.

The room has no password but it must be stated what is to be discussed before entering the room in which case the door will open.
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