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The cute two level building is a light beige colour for the most part with pastel green trimming and a multi-coloured pastel sign out front indicating the name of the shop. There's always a chalkboard out front with the day's specials and a cute message from Lilybelle. On the outside large windows on the first floor are lined with beautiful flowers and a couple of picnic tables sit out front on the neat lawn in case anyone wants to enjoy a snack in the sun. Multi-coloured stepping stones breakthrough the green grass and lead up to the entrance of the shop. Inside is just as lovely, against the wall a staircase leads up to the apartment above that is always kept closed and locked, though the mint green door keeps it from seeming too threatening. A few circular tables are scattered around near the windows but the glass display of cakes, cookies, and treats to dream of, is clearly the star. From there one can see into a bit of the kitchens but the true beauty of the ground work can only be experienced from stepping into the kitchens themselves and watching a baker work. On top of the glass display there is always a tri-tier tray with mini-cupcakes for children, Lilybelle's menu includes a variety of vegan, clean-eating, gluten-free, peanut-free, or specialty items should one care to ask and like any good bakery a warm drink can be ordered as well.
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