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This family-owned paper shop is a fixture of the community and is located in the muggle portion of the village. Positioned downwind and not far from the coffeehouse, this shop draws in the passerby with its creative window displays. Once inside, the sweet vanilla smell of stationary paper mingles with the rich aroma of coffee to create a peaceful, inspirational environment. Warm wood grain and honey tinted ivory dominate the decor. The aged pine floors creak under foot, but despite its age, the shop does not lack modern amenities, including wifi. The market for fine paper and stationary might have decreased over the last few years, but the stock kept here has not--to include handmade paper made on site. The business has modernized to remain profitable by subdividing the retail space to provided office hourly/weekly/monthly rentals for working professionals. Space in the rear is not accessible to the public; that area is where the artisan handmade paper is crafted.
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