Oak and Hornbeam
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On first glance, the house seems little different than the others surrounding it-- the front a mix of engraved wood paneling, stone and some cracked brick, with graying mortar. On second glance, some of the angles seem a bit too twisted to truly work, but nothing that would cause much suspicion. Older runes of protection are carved deep into half-hidden layer of stones at the bottom of the house, concealed by carefully planted brambles. The inside is mostly warm, having gone through a few renovations during the centuries to make sure the occupants are comfortable. There's a small kitchen, a larger dining room, roughly five bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, a cozy living room, and a workshop out back.
Every generation of Ollivander owners usually add embellishments to the paneling, passing it along so their work, once more, lives on further than their bodies.

Occupants: , Adrienne Ollivander, Ottavio Ollivander, Gaia Ollivander, Gervasio Ollivander, Giovanna Ollivander
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Any house or apartment that is located in Godric's Hollow will be located in this board, for ease of finding them.
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