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This office is located on the thirteenth floor of an entirely glass office building in London. The thirteenth floor is sealed off with magic, and there is no button on the elevator to get there. You have to touch your wand to the close doors button on the panel. When the elevator doors open again you will be faced with a clean, and crisp white and glass office. The reception desk will meet you as you open the glass front doors and from there you will be pointed in the right direction. The bullpen is behind the large white wall that forms the front hallway on either side of the desk. All of the writers work in individual white and glass cubicles in this portion of the office. The break room is located at the end of the hallway on the right, and the conference room takes up the entire back wall of the floor. All glass so that it can be seen in from every side, the whole thing conveys a sense of no one being able to hide anything. All of that changes when you reach the other end of the floor. If you make it through the cubicles, and past the break room and conference room the entire wall and corner office on the far side is Anicka’s. Opening the solid white door you will be met with silvers and amethyst, as her office is decorated to her own taste. 

Housewife’s Official Magical Editorial Magazine focuses on everything a witch needs to know to run a proper magical household. With interests ranging from home and garden, to cooking and crafts, with a touch on lifestyle and decorating, there is a little bit of something for every witch between the covers of HOME. 

Anicka wants it noted that if you work for her you must pass her inspection at all times. Whether that be when she walks past you on the street, or if you are in her office. You must pass her standards. If not, you will not like the consequences, and her threats are not to be taken lightly. 
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