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Degare Bentflyff
545 - Con Man/Art Forger

What are you looking for?
Someone, possibly law enforcement or former law enforcement (it might be cool if the case is why they lost their job) who figured out the connection between some of Degare's jobs and has finally tracked him to Britain. Whether they've got a name or face to put to the crimes is up to you, but I doubt there's a trace of his actual name, just a bunch of aliases and a few blurry pictures that could be any dark-haired, average height, white man.

Character Details:
Deg's been committing crimes for literal centuries, and while he's gotten very good at it, there's always the chance for mistakes. Maybe he left a bit of hair at a scene or two, or a shoe-print somewhere it shouldn't be. Something small but the culmination of all those traces has eventually built a decent idea of the kind of man he is. like a jigsaw that's half-finished. You can see what it's probably supposed to look like, but it's still unclear because there's so much yet to find.

IDK man, I just wanna shake him up a little. This seemed like a good idea.