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Post by Rabastan Ashmedai Lestrange on Jun 22, 2019 21:11:40 GMT -5

We were still in our teens
Lord knows I feel a lot older now
But you still look the same to me

The two and a half hour movie had flown by in Rabastan's opinion. Godzilla was the first kaiju movie he had ever seen--and this was his first time to an actual movie theater. The experience had only served to amplify his desire to create a wixen movie production company. It was absurd there was not one already. He needed meetings with the Dean of Drama at Braitewaithe and the CEO at Lucent. He would be more than happy to funnel some money into development of wixen movie tech if the company could spearhead the effort. He'd get directors, actors, and cinematographers from BW. He just had to get them to start a cinematography department. That would take money, too. Talking to either his sort-of-wife or his brother about funds for the venture would be necessary.

Rabastan could spend freely from the Lestrange vaults, but buying things for his daily life and starting a business venture and buying a building at a university to get them to start a program to support said business venture were very different things. He would not take that much out of the familial vault without a discussion with Rodolphus. He didn't know if he and his brother were on good enough terms at the moment to broach that subject. He turned alternatives over in his mind, but even selling the Coffin House would not bring the level of funds he needed... And Andromeda had just bought him Puddlemere United. He could not turn around and ask her for the money. His pride would not allow that, anyway. He did not want her to think he was using her for her vault. That was far from the case. He would have to think on it...

He did not let those thoughts diminish his excitement as they left the movie theater. "That was incredible!" The wizard gushed. "There were so many similarities to magical creatures. Are making up kaiju some of the lies that the muggle worthy excuse committee come up with?" He dropped his voice as he spoke about magic and muggles. They were still near non-magical folk. That was the whole point of this date in Cork, today. They were in a fully muggle part of town. Andromeda was just herself. No glamours hid her pregnancy--it was just them. Their first proper date: a movie and a picnic. Perhaps the picnic should have come first, since Rabastan had required the full cinema experience and had eaten a lot of popcorn. Not that he couldn't still eat... The man could always eat. He had been like that growing up, but he had especially been like that after Azkaban. That place had left a hunger in him that would never really be sated, truly in so many ways. His skin and his stomach were eternally hungry now.

He laced his fingers with Andromeda's as they strolled away from the movie theater. It was positioned at the end of a long open air shopping centre. Mikuláš and Zina stood off a bit away from the couple, eyes swept the space as the two talked quietly between themselves. Štefan was being more active. He had swept the perimeter and was now about twenty paces ahead of them. The guards were not thrilled with this or the subsequent location for the date. Open air shopping centres and public parks are not easily secured destinations. Rabastan had not allowed anything to be closed down for them either. This was supposed to be an inconspicuous outing. 

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If you ain't busy tonight
and you think it's alright
This is what I want to do

They had done this before… Sort of. They hadn’t really ‘dated’ when they had been at Hogwarts, but they had been betrothed, and there were plenty of people that knew that they were both off limits except to one another. That hadn’t exactly stopped Andromeda from making the ultimate decision that she had. But even that had been something that she hadn’t exactly planned out in advance. She hadn’t meant to run away from him, she hadn’t meant for any of that. But it was better now. Everything was exactly how it was supposed to have been all along… Well, sort of…

She had asked him if they could go on a date, and she hadn’t really known what she wanted to do. Something to get them out of the wixen world. Something where she didn’t have to hide that she was pregnant. Something that meant that they were just going to be any other couple. Sure, she thought that the guards that were following her around probably liked the fact that they had opted for a muggle shopping complex, and then a park a whole lot less than she thought that Rabastan did, but he had suggested the movie and then the picnic, and the look on his face had been impossible to say no to.

Godzilla probably wouldn’t have been her first choice, but she also knew that since it was indeed his first theater experience, they had to make the most of it. That had involved popcorn – which she had snuck bites of when she thought that he wasn’t looking – and snacks, and any number of movie treats that he had thought that he needed. She could admit that she had spent a good majority of the movie watching him watch the movie. It entertained her far more than the movie would have; she was sure of that.

The level of excitement seemed to radiate off of him as they left the theater, and Andromeda couldn’t help but smile as he linked his fingers with hers. This was how it should have been all along. And she knew that her entire life would have been different. She wouldn’t be the person that she was now. She wouldn’t have Arcturus, or Roarke. She wouldn’t have had Dora. She wouldn’t have Teddy. But there would have been a different life for the two of them. A good life. A happy life.

Or at least she liked to think that it could have been happy. They could have had kids, and grandkids. Hopefully not great-grandkids by now, but she knew that it could have been possible. They had been so young when they were supposed to have gotten married. And they hadn’t. She had ruined that. But she was going to do everything that she could do make up for it now. She was going to have this baby. Their baby. And she was going to survive. They were going to have this perfect family. Unconventional, yes. She knew that having Emmaline in their lives too was very unconventional. But she thought that it was perfect.

“Perhaps.” She smirked at him, “But I can’t just go about giving away State secrets, now can I?” In truth, Andromeda had no idea if that were the case or not. She didn’t know if there were reasons why the Japanese had created such monsters or not. But it was far more fun to pretend that she did, and that it was of the highest-level security clearance. Standing up on her toes, she leaned against his arm as she pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I’m glad that you enjoyed it though.” He had seemed to enjoy the movies that they watched at home, and she knew that the iPad video of her sonogram had been a hit. But neither of those things were a movie in a movie theater.

Nodding towards the park that they were headed towards she looked back up at him as they continued on, “Did you pack our picnic yourself? Am I going to find prepackaged cakes, and charmed ice cream in that basket?” Either way, she thought that he would have made sure that there was something that she was going to eat. He had been amazing about that. Even before they had become them, he had made sure that when she showed up with snacks for the boys, there was always something for her too. And maybe she should have realized sooner how he felt about her. But falling in love with him had come slowly, at least until it was the only thing that she knew for sure at all.

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