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Burn baby, burn
disco inferno
Burn the motha down

The things that he had done and the choices that he had made had not been easy ones. He could not go back and change the life that he had, the choices that he made, but he had the chance and the choices to change that now. One of them being that he allowed his daughter to let Bash back into his daughter’s life. He knew that it was not his place to make these choices for Terrianne, but she had warned him to stay away from her, and thus far, it looked like the man was doing just that. Terrianne, he was almost positive, had no idea that he had seen the boy and he hoped it stayed that way, but if she did then it would just have to be something that they faced together. Bash was not the boy that she needed in her life.

Payton was better off without a flake as a father. She was better off without the pain of having a parent who acted like they did not want her. He would rather kill the boy than let him do such a thing, and as a way to show him that he was serious, Percy was even at the mortuary. He wasn’t going to actually buy a casket, but shopping for one and taking a picture to show to the man should he make the choice to come around again felt like something fun to do. Plus it got him out of the office.

He was stressed, thanks to work and the term coming up soon. Not to mention having two babies around the house most days. It was a lot, and though he wanted more children with his wife this was testing that. It was pushing him to think more about the family he did have and the things that they did need. He was trying to not get so angry about the stupid things that the boy did, and he knew that while Terrianne could handle herself, this was getting to be a bitch much. She deserved better than that.

He was walking around and looking at different models when someone approached him. ”Oh, hello.” He said before holding out his hand to the man that came in. "No need to trouble yourself too much, this is more of a 'just in case' sort of thing." He laughed and knew that this was absurd, but he was done playing with the young man. He had reached the limit of chances.

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