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How am I ever
gonna get to be old and wise
If I ain't ever young and crazy?

There was no sneaking out this time. They were free to come and go as they pleased. Well, sort of. He knew that Matka had not been pleased with this outing, but Strýc had given his approval, and that was all that it had taken. He had texted Kali and he had gone to find Sylvestr, and they were getting out of there. The palace was big enough, but everyone being cramped into the same space for three days was more than enough exposure to his rodina all at once. And the last thing that they needed was someone – Matka – to reach her last nerve.

At least if it was Temperance that lost control, things wouldn’t be charred to a crisp. His sestra could do some damage, he knew that well enough. But he thought that there was even more of a risk of something going wrong when they had trapped Matka in the palace with both Babička and Ares. She didn’t get along with either one of them separately, and yet they had all managed to live through dinner last night. Which was no small feat. All of them. His eldest sestra and Temperance had been whispering about something quietly when he had gone looking for Sylvestr, and he wouldn’t have been surprised if it had something to do with the fact that the palace was still standing.

Philip didn’t know where anyone else had gone. Matka, Strýc and Malcolm had all disappeared after he had asked for permission to leave. And it had been granted. Though he had a feeling that Tomáš was not the only shadow that he had. He knew that Sylvestr came with his own entourage of guards. And there were far more of them than he would have liked to have been inconspicuous. But not only that, he knew how close Amsterdam was to Denmark, and he had a feeling that there would be other eyes watching out for them tonight as well.

None of that did anything to diminish what it was that he had set out to do. And so, he had found his bratranec and he had told him to change his clothes. That they were going out. Matylda’s death wasn’t going to be easy. He knew. He had lost his otec almost three years ago, and there were still plenty of times when he knew that he wished he were still around to ask something. Not that Malcolm couldn’t answer a lot of his questions. And he knew that it was complicated to want him around at all. But there were some things that he knew he would have rather asked him.

When it came to picking a cause to champion with the Wizengamot. He wished that there was at least some other Mountbatten around to ask. But he was the only one. They were a family of singular sons, and his grandfather on Otec’s side had died before he had even been born. He didn’t have anyone to ask what he was supposed to do, and who he was supposed to be. There were times when he knew the answers. The Royal answers. The answers that came easily, being a Wentzell. But he wasn’t a Wentzell. Not the way that the rest of them could choose to be. His sestry could make that choice. He was a Mountbatten.

Kali had met them at the address that he had sent her, and they had stopped and picked her up on the way to the club. Introductions had been made, his cousin to his girlfriend, and then a whisper to the bouncer at the door, and they had been whisked inside and up to the VIP lounge with smiles, and assurances that everything was taken care of. They need only ask. That was exactly what Philip had intended. A party, loud, and chaotic, and enough to drown out everything that had happened today for Sylvestr.

Handing Kali a glass of the scotch that he had brought up here, he nodded to the room around them. “Did you ever think getting out of England would feel this great?” There had been strings pulled once before, and he knew that they weren’t really supposed to talk about those moments, but they had gotten the through. Still, one trip out of England in a year had not been enough. And this one wasn’t exactly for the greatest of reasons, but he would take any excuse not to be trapped anymore. Turning his grin back to her, he raised his glass to hers, “To new beginnings.”