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LAST UPDATED: 6 aug 2019
Listed here we have all of the play-bys currently in play on Insurrection. If you are making a new character, it is important to look here to make sure that they are available. This list is always kept updated, but note that current applications count as a 'reserved' play-by, so check there.

If you would like to reserve a Play-By, fill out the form below, or just PM an admin. This is if you are not making a character immediately! You don't need to reserve a play-by if you are about to post an application, or already have it posted!

[b]Member Name:[/b]

Below are the rules when it comes to choosing play-bys for your characters:

  • Administration can deny any claim that they do not believe suits the age of your character.

  • Canon face claims from the movies can only be used for that character, and only in certain instances. For example, Emma Watson couldn't still be used for Hermione because she was a teenager in the movies and is now an adult, but Robbie Coltrane could still be used for Hagrid. But they cannot be used for any other original characters.

  • Please keep in mind that there are actors/actresses/models, etc., that specifically ask not to be used in sites like these. This is the list that we have of those so far!

  • No two characters can have the same celebrity unless they are twins.

  • It is important to research your celebrity beforehand; for instance, if you find that your celebrity does not have a lot of pictures, but your claim has already been accepted, you will not be able to pick again. Make sure you like your choice before you claim!

  • To reserve a celebrity, just PM an admin or fill out the form. They will only be put on hold for one month, and you can have no more than two celebrities on hold at a time.

  • In the case of two people wanting the same face claim, the person who reserves them first holds all claims. We do not allow PMing/DMing people to try to convince them to give FCs away!

  • If you want to take a celebrity off of reserve, you must wait one week before reserving a new one.

  • If you want to ban a FC, you can go over to Gringotts bank and pay for a ban!


Debnam-Carey, Alycia
Green, Eva
Lawless, Lucy
McConaughey Matthew




A - D

Arcuri, Amanda -
Ausilia-Foret, Lorenzo -
Avgeropoulos, Marie -

Balfe, Caitriona -
Barnard, Aneurin -
Boyce, Cameron -

Chastain, Jessica -
Chopra, Priyanka -
Chriqui, Emmanuelle -
Clarke, Emilia -
Clemons, Kiersey -
Cole, Lily -
Corby-Tuech, Poppy -
Cormack, Danielle -
Cowen, Abigail F. -
Cravalho, Auli'i -
Crossley, Beth -
Cwiek, Cleo -

Dawson, Rosario -
Dewan, Jenna -
Dörken, Danae -
Dormer, Natalie -
Dornan, Jamie -
Dyer, Natalia -


Eisley, India -
Elba, Idris -

Felsenheimer, Dirk -
Fisher, Jordan -

Gadot, Gal -
Garanča, Elīna -
Gardner, Ginny -
Goldwyn, Tony -
Gomez, Michelle -
Grande, Ariana -
Grant, Richard E -

Hale, Lucy -
Hasson, Maddie -
Heathcote, Bella -
Hoult, Nicholas -


Isaac, Oscar -

James, Lily -
Jones, Maggie Elizabeth -

Karahan, Pelin -
Kaufmann, Jonas -
King, Reece -
Knipe, Mckenna -
Kola, Vashtie -
Kruger, Diane -

Lavi, Inbar -
Law, Thomas -
Lawther, Alex -
Leatherwood, Gavin -
Leslie, Rose -
Lynn, Lonnie -


Madden, Richard -
Malka, Shlomit -
Marano, Vanessa -
Mavor, Freya -
McGrath, Katie -
Meyers, Jonathan Rhys -
Mikkelsen, Mads -
Miller, Levi - @giacomo
Mitchell, Elizabeth -
Moner, Isabela -
Montgomery, Janet -
Moore, Julianne -
Murray, Chad Michael -

Neeson, Liam -
Newton, Thandie - @allisyn

O'Connell, Jack -
Ory, Meghan -

Palmer, Lauren - @olivette
Parrish, Hunter - @caleb
Pedro-Wright, Henry -
Peichert, Anne -
Popplewell, Anna -


Šafránková, Libuše -
Satterlee, Bridget -
Scodelario, Kaya-
Scott, Naomi -
Shahi, Sarah -
Sheehan, Robert - @murphy
Shepherd, Jack P. -
Shipka, Kiernan -
Simmons, Lili -
Smith, Kassi -
Sprouse, Cole -
Steinfeld, Hailee -

Teixeira, Marlon -
Thomson, Gabriel -
Thwaites, Brenton -
Tiran, Itay -
Tortorella, Nico - @darius
Turner, Sophie -


Ulliel, Gaspard -

White, Jeremy Allen -
Wood, Evan Rachel -
Wu, Constance -