"Cold as Ice, but pretty as snow."

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Summer Time Arington
16 - Halfblood

Summer is the third of four Arington kids. The eldest of the second set she is more like her father than anyone else. She has his eyes and the same dark hair as her younger sister. She is the 'problem child' and the one who causes rows most often.

Other than the things listed here, she is 100% up to you, go wild and have fun, breaking hearts.

Summer is a cold, mean, sadistic bitch. The reason for that is up to you. Is she jealous of her sister? Does she hate her? What makes her such a bully? TOTALLY up to you. Summer is mean, and though she does not show that she is outwardly rude to professors or her father she can be very cruel at times, and takes delight in making others upset. She likes to use people like toys and often jokes around about her lack of feeling pretty much anything.

Additional Information:
She has a favorite target in her twin's best friend (@mona) and has had a boy toy on and off who recently cut ties with her (@hayden) over how she treats Mona.

Play-By Preferred: Maddison Beer (preferred), Dua lipa. Someone with dark hair and hazel eyes.