Snidget Youth Quidditch

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This shop to the muggle eye can be likened to a vacant dance studio with large windows and a dark empty interior. To any witch or wizard passing by it is very clearly a quidditch gym! Once inside there is an area to sign up any young aspiring quidditch players as well as a small area to buy basic equipment. From the entry there is a long and wide hallway sectioned off into many rooms and at the very end is a door labeled "PITCH".

The first room is large with extremely high ceilings that one wouldn't have expected by the small storefront. This room, though charmed for size, is the only room not charmed to the likeness of a quidditch pitch.

The second room is extremely large as well and students will even be able to learn what it is like to fly in different weather conditions as it is charmed to mimic the weather outdoors.

Rooms three and four are essentially miniature versions of the quidditch pitch. These rooms are charmed for extreme size as well as weather. It is the size of roughly half the quidditch pitch with only one set of hoops.

The door at the end of the hall is set up to transport students, staff, and even parents to a secluded Quidditch Pitch just a ways out of London. Snidget games are held here every so often. There is a concession stand available for snacks and drinks during these games.
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