Magical Creature Anatomy Lecture Hall

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Deep in the dungeons and beneath the great lake lies a dusty and disused lecture hall which was previously the home of Magical Creature Anatomy studies. Inside, skeletons of various shapes and sizes hang from the ceiling across the huge room; an entire centaur, a troll’s skull and a dragon’s wing to name a few. Glass cabinets line the walls from ceiling to floor around the outskirts of the room filled with organs, brains, teeth and fur – anything which might be examined and studied in further detail during lessons. The seating is tiered and rises high above the lecturer pew at the very front of the room, facing a gigantic blackboard with diagrams of strange beasts and incomprehensible notes.

This room has been abandoned for so long that it has become somewhat of a nest for boggarts within the Hogwarts walls and they have taken to living within the confines of the large wooden trunks stacked at the side of the hall which were previously used for storing fresh corpses gathered from the forbidden forest. Anyone who lingers too long near the anatomical structures would likely find themselves approached by a swarm of their greatest fear…
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