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When Caleb normally embarked on something new in his life, he often approached the situation with some trepidation. However, this was something new. The thought of becoming a father was always something he wanted. He had seen himself having children one day and for a long time he saw that happening with someone in particular but that was never going to be now. Caleb definitely didn’t take this decision lightly. He had talked to his father over a few days of visiting Southampton. He needed to talk with someone who had much more experience and wisdom than himself. He wanted to be a father but he knew that his dating prospects were a little dry at the moment and he needed to focus on himself for a little while. While he knew it was important to do this, to give a child out there some hope and with his occupation, he knew he could definitely provide for them.

He had met some children and he hated the concept really because it appeared like he was shopping for a child when that was the exact opposite of what he wanted to do. He wanted someone who he could form a bond with and someone who he knew would like him in return and not just like him because of his connections to quidditch. It may see me selfish but that was why he stayed away from most of the older children and he stayed away from any babies or toddlers as he knew that he wouldn’t be able to give them all the time they would need.

Elijah had been a shy boy and it reminded him of himself as a child. When he had talked to him about Quidditch he recalled the boy’s look of fear but it was mixed with excitement. He wondered if Elijah had been on a broom yet or not. Either way he could try and see if he was willing to try. Caleb had come to learn that Elijah’s parents had been victims of the muggleborn registration and he had been placed at Safe Harbour while they had gone on the run. He knew why would have done that but it also broke his hear that they had been caught two months later and had been killed.

Caleb knew little about them as did the people at the orphanage but he hoped he was able to step up and be the kind of father that Elijah needed. They would learn to love each other in time and be there for each other. The blonde wizard had begun to workout a schedule that would work for the two of them and also factor in Elijah’s care and schooling in a few weeks when he started at Peverell’s. Caleb had already planned to be there for the little boy’s first day as was tradition with most kids’s first day.

He also knew it was important that he introduced his son to Ruby and Lyra. He didn’t want to overwhelm Elijah so he needed to do one meeting at a time. He had texted Ruby when he had come home from his game to see if she was free to bring her daughters our to the park as he thought Elijah would like some time on the swings or the seesaw.

He was pushing his son on the swings and so the boy looking around at the other kids. He didn’t miss the expression the little boy wore, knowing that at lot of other children were there with their parents. ”You okay, buddy?” he asked the small boy and brushed his hair off his forehead and looked around for any sign of Ruby or sign of her red hair at least. ”What’s your friend like” Elijah asked as Caleb pushed. ”She’s very nice, she’ll like her” he smiled at the boy before he stepped around the swing set to wave out to Ruby as he saw her approach down the path.