Dumbledore Conservation Park

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Open year-round, this park features many attractions for all ages. With a 700-foot-long lake on the south side of the park, there is a sanded beach portion where young folk may try their hand at building a large castle made of sand while older folk lay on the side, letting the sun deepen their skin shade. Picnic tables are located throughout the park, allowing places for occupants to sit and enjoy food or company. A large Children's Playground is in the center of the park, a large garden filled with various, non-poisonous plants to the side. A building with Men's and Women's lavatories are located near the playground for children unable to contain themselves. A magical charm protects all occupants from incidents that may occur on the Quidditch Pitch with flying balls. On the north side of the park, there is a full-sized Quidditch Pitch with a small building with Men's and Women's Lavatories.
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